There is a list of places to be seen in Marseilles. Notre Dame de la Garde is situated on the top of the hill and also it is one of the famous landmarks. The only means of transportation is bus and they depart every twenty minutes so that they drop the tourist right up to the Church’s doors. It is free to visit and the entire mosaic floors are incredibly impressive one. A relaxing boat is available to the beautiful Calanques which is a stretch of coast between the Marseille and Cassis. Especially in the summer seasons, the folks can enjoy this boat ride.

Stunning views, refreshing sea breeze, and the beautiful beaches can ultimately change the minds of the people from the stress mode. On the other side of the flip, the folks can also cycle around the area and can have a view of the landscape. Vieux Port is also known to be the Old Harbor, here the folks can take photos, watch the boats or ride the Ferris wheel. The sunsets during the summer season are the most attractive ones and the folks should not miss this chance on any cause.