There are many beautiful places to be visited here and the folks all over the world take a chance to visit these places. First, Musee des Civilizations de l’Europe ET de la Mediterranee is also popularly known to be MuCEM, the city’s best museum. The exploration of the Mediterranee civilizations and history is the highlighted feature here. On the other side of the flip, there are also exhibitions and mini-films to help the folks in order to know about the place in a well-behaved manner.
There are several interesting topics covered in this museum which include Gods, spices, travel routes and gardens. One of the city’s most important buildings is known to be the Cathedral; a perfect spot which is well known for its views and photographs. It is composed of several domed towers and total height is about sixteen meters. The interior part has been uniquely decorated and the usage of the green and white limestone adds to the extra beauty. The greatest advantage is that the Cathedral is free to visit.

Le Panier neighborhood is the most important place where the folks can find anywhere in France. This place is an accessible one easily from the Vieux Port which was situated on the nearby hillside. The time period the Greeks settled in this place initially in 600 BC and hence popularly known to be the oldest part of the city. Most of the folks are attracted because of its colorful and multicultural neighborhood nature. It is a unique place where the folks can go for a walk or spend their precious time with their friends and family in the evening time. Palais Longchamp a majestic one is the oldest museum in Marseille and it is a popular site of the city’s Musse des Beaux-Arts.

There is a unique collection of work done by the Italian and Provencal artists. It is said to be that most of the paintings are dated from the 17th century to the present day. Presence of the splendid park along with the good weather makes the folks happier. The Pagoda Phap Hoa the only Buddhist place in Marseille was built in the year 1990. It is located in the north and it is not well known by the Marseille folks. An interesting fact is that the Vietnamese community joins together in order to share the Vietnamese meal and in this charming place they have a traditional pray. The Non-Buddhists are also most welcome to have a complete prayer.

The secret pyramid is located in the Roy d’Espagne Park and its entire story is a quite unusual one. It was built in the year 1804 by the great Dominique Bastide. An unknown fact is that edifice was never classified and also it is abandoned one. Later the bodies were transferred to the Saint Pierre cemetery. Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is a Church and also it is an important landmark which is located on the breathtaking hilltop. It is said to be that during the middle Ages period it was an observation point and it was built in the year 1864.

The entire design is unique and it has a mesmerizing effect and the marble arches support the gilded mosaic cupolas. Presence of the votive tablets and the model artifacts are integrated along with the aviators. The folks can spend their lavish time on the magnificent terrace. Basilique Saint Victor has an awesome feel of the medieval fortress and the Church has several ancient buildings. Here, the Church has an original catacomb chapel including the Grotto of Saint Victor. One of the greatest facts is that it has thirteenth century Black Madonna. No doubt, it is a must-see tourist location. Calanques National Park is just fifteen kilometers away from the Marseilles and it is absolutely located at the junction of the Mediterranean joins the Massif des Calanques Mountains.

The folks are attracted by the plant species, rare wildlife including the peregrine falcon. There are many water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, rock climbing and hiking etc. It is best to take a guided boat tour or to arrange for a private boat trip. Usually, the visitors are more impressed by the pristine environment including the enormous attractive coastal views.

La Canebiere is located closer to the Vieux Port and Le Panier is one of the most important areas. It represents the wealth of Marseille and also it is the city’s biggest avenue. The magnificent elegant hotels and the ornate buildings have been converted into the shops, offices and the restaurants.

There is a list of markets in the Marseille and mainly the shopping areas are located in the central and the southern parts of the town. The smaller shops have a good reputation and it is also a famous one for the antique markets on the weekends. As mentioned before Le Panier, Marseille’s oldest neighborhood is one of the well-known places for the local produce.

There are some streets which are well known for the Provencal pottery known to be Rue des Petits Puits and places des Pistoles. At the same time, there are shops available for the selling of the lavender soap and also including the olive-based goodies.

Best hotels in Marseilles

Hotel Name Price Complementary Guests
Hotel Belle-Vue $107 / Person Room service, Restaurant, Parking, Bar 2 Adults
Radisson Blu Hotel Marseille Vieux Port $140 / Person Family rooms, Room service, Bar, Non-smoking rooms 3 Adults
Hotel Maison Saint Louis - Vieux Port $93 / Person Room service, Restaurant, Parking, Bar 2 Adults
Staycity Aparthotels Centre Vieux Port $66 / Person Parking, good fitness centre, Bar 2 Adults
Hotel Hermes $77 / Person Facilities for disabled guests, Free WiFi , Parking 4 adults
NH Collection Marseille $102 / Person Room service , Family rooms , Restaurant, Bar 3 Adults
Residhotel Vieux Port $69 / Person Free WiFi, Pets allowed , Family rooms 2 Adults

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